Optical HDMI Transceiver (HDMI 1.3b, No DDC copper wire needed)

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Long distance ! No distortion! Ultra stable!

An ultimate solution of HDMI signal transmission!


If you love to enjoy your HD movie using video projector, and also you are now using long HDMI cable for the signal connection between HD video player and projector. You may already suffer from imperfect picture quality or some annoying bright dots appeared on screen (or even there is no picture at all) when you set the HDMI signal to 1920x1080P. You may be so wondering how come this is kept happening even though you are using high quality and very expensive HDMI cable. The reason is simple! Due to the physical limitation of metallic wire, when ultra high speed HDMI signals are transmitting and its transmission distance is over 2 meters, the HDMI signals will be rapidly distorted and attenuated. Therefore HDMI cable is not suitable for long distance HDMI signal transmission (some existing products

claim they can extend the HDMI transmission length using CAT5 cable or a kind of signal boosting method, but the problem is still existed because they keep using metallic wire for HDMI signal transmission). However, in the reality, over 2 meters video signal connection distance is a very common scenario for a home theater. This is the fact of why almost all the cases of annoying bright dots appearing on screen caused by unstable HDMI signal are happened on video projector instead of Plasma TV or LCD TV. Therefore using "Optical HDMI Transceiver" is an ultimate solution of HDMI signal transmission. This professional equipment brings you perfect video picture to enhance your home theater enjoyment!

Using long HDMI cable for the connection between HD video player and HD projector, some annoying bright dots are comming out when set the HDMI signal to 1920x1080P.

The bright dots are easily found when portion of movie picture is enlarged.

In the worst case, the movie picture is full of bright and fuzzy dots.

The problem is solved when using "Optical HDMI Transceiver". There is a crystal clear, stable and 100% loss-free high quality movie picture.


HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) has recently become increasingly popular in the application of video and audio transmission system. In view of the extreme of electrical performances, however, the traditional copper wire cable imposes limits on signal transmission distance and signal quality. In reality, optical fiber is of low dispersion, which in turn has the strength of longer signal transmission distance and better signal transmission quality in comparison to the traditional copper wire cable. HDMI transceiver uses 2-cores fiber without any copper wire inside, where radio frequency interference phenomenon is literally ruled out, which shows the advantage of high performance and good signal quality as well as low cost.


Product Specifications:

  1. Long distance video and audio transmission.
  2. HDMI 1.3b, supports Deep Color & x.v.Color.
  3. High resolution and image quality, supports 480i/P, 576i/P, 720P, 1080i/P, maximum resolution up to 1920x1200.
  4. Support HDTV 1080P.
  5. HDCP fully compliant, no DDC copper wire needed.
  6. 100% loss-free high quality movie picture, maximum transmission distance up to 200 meters.
  7. No interference by environmental noise or radio frequency.
  8. No software driver needed, plug and play.
  9. DC 5V power input.
  10. Compact and small size.
  11. Size: 145mm(L) x 95mm(W) x 26mm(H)
  12. Weight: about 430g

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  1. HD home theater (highly recommend to the connection between HD video player and HD video projector).
  2. Commercial digital cinema.
  3. Large video wall system.
  4. Any video projection system.
  5. Long distance AV signal transmission for any indoor area.

Simple and easy system setup

Compact and small size

We provide demonstration with below equipments:

  • BenQ G2400W LCD Monitor (24" Full HD Panel)
  • SAMSUNG BD-P1400 Blu-ray Disc Player
  • Optical HDMI Transceiver
  • 15 meters optical fiber cable