OTD-100Pro Tube Distortion (Professional Edition)

OTD-100Pro is a tube distortion powered by one well-selected Russia 12AX7EH vacuum tube. This tube distortion takes use of many hi-end hi-fi grade components as key parts, such as WIMA coupling capacitor and ELNA filtering capacitor. It offers the player with a very warm and natural sound, also providing high sensitivity of input signal. OTD-100Pro is very suitable for any professional guitar player, or whoever loves tube-sound and he is looking for high quality tube-sound distortion. OTD-100Pro could be the most versatile tube distortion pedal ever!

Sound Demos:

Product Features:

  1. Using classic 12AX7EH vacuum-tube to create colorful tube distortion sound instead of using "tube-sound simulated circuit" or "acoustic simulator".
  2. Any kind of tone color like warm overdrive tone, bright and rich solo tone or even rage and wild metal distortion tone can be easily obtained by adjusting the knobs GAIN, HIGH and BASS.
  3. 12AX7EH vacuum tube is driven by high DC voltage. It makes the circuit operating more quietly.
  4. Using on board relay as a true-bypass switch, no signal degradation and distortion under the true-bypass mode.
  5. Equipped with unique interlock input jack that is useful for multi-pedal tone switching using only one foot stepping.


Technical Specifications:

  1. Connectors: Input x 1, Output x 1, Interlock Jack x 1, AC6V input x 1
  2. Tube: 12AX7EH Russia
  3. Power Supply: AC 6V power adaptor (included)
  4. Current: 1A
  5. Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
  6. Gain: 60dB max.
  7. Output Signal Level: 1.2V max.
  8. Net Weight: 800g
  9. Total Weight: 1400g (packing box and power adaptor included)
  10. Size: 150mm(L)×128mm(W)×38mm(H)
  11. Packing Box: 250mm(L)x200mm(W)x70mm(H)