BIYANG PEDAL-POWER Effects Power Supply




Pedal Power is a great universal power supply. It comes with 11 patch cables! Incredible value for the money! It will be for sure to stay where you put it with no sliding around. Everyone needs this to get the most out of your effects line.

PEDAL-POWER is specially designed using high quality transformers to power up stomp-box effects in your arsenal without interference, power surge, power trip or loss of power to your effects.


  • Slot 1-2 can power effects up to 1000mA or power up to 5 effect pedals simultaneously.
  • Slot 3-5 allows powering up to 100mA, suitable for most effect pedals in the market.
  • Slots 6-7 is designed based on the Boss ACA, suitable for Boss ACA effect pedals.
  • Slots 8-9 provides current of 6V of power for tube driven effects or any other 6V rated effect.
  • Metal sealed potentiometers, and great board designs that offer great sound and long life.
  • Solid Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Size: 150mm(L) × 128mm(W) × 55mm(H)

This power supply comes with the following patch cables:

  • 1 x 5 point Daisy Chain.
  • 1 x standard power socket plug with( reverse polarity to mini jack!)
  • 7 x standard power patch cables.
  • 2 x (red) patch cables.