BIYANG FL-8 Flanger Effect




Go from classic flange effects to almost siren like sounds. There are options for Depth, Rate and Manual control. Analog circuitry design is incorporated to create the flanging effect. The RES knob is able to create an endless swirling effect. This is a Flanger with a big sound!


  • Solid Stainless Steel enclosure.
  • Rate, Depth, Manual and Resonance controls.
  • 9V mains adapter socket (Positive ground, negative tip - As most popular pedals).
  • True bypass stomp switch.
  • Uses high quality parts such as German WIMA audio capacitor, High precision resistor etc...for signal transaction.
  • Entirely dust-proof and metal sealed potentiometers, for long using life.
  • Great board designs that offer great sound and long life.
  • Size: 128mm(L) × 94mm(W) × 60mm(H)