AGP-1 Firmware Release Notes



AGP-1 Firmware Version 4.0 [Download]

(1) Supports user sound modules.

(2) Some pedal-mode bugs fixed.



AGP-1 Firmware Version 3.5 [Download]

(1) Tremolo "LEVEL" knob removed.



AGP-1 Firmware Version 3.4 [Download]

(1) Some minor bugs fixed.




AGP-1 Firmware Version 3.0 [Download]

(1) Supports 7 new analog sound modules.




AGP-1 Firmware Version 2.1 [Download]

(1) Refine "Pedal-Mode" function.




AGP-1 Firmware Version 2.0 beta [Download]

(1) Add "Pedal-Mode" function.
(2) Some minor bugs fixed.




AGP-1 Firmware Version 1.5 beta [Download]

(1) Add "Patch Copy" function.
(2) Some minor bugs fixed.




AGP-1 Firmware Version 1.4 [Download]

(1) Improve the accuracy of Tuner.
(2) Suppress the Bank/Patch switching popping noise.




AGP-1 Firmware Version 1.3 [Download]

(1) Original release.





Useful hints & guides on firmware update:

1. Please refer to "Owner's Manual" for the firmware update procedures.
2. HyperTerminal is a Windows XP application that helps you to connect your computer to AGP-1 via RS-232 COM port for the firmware update. But Windows Vista or Windows 7 does not include this application by default. Please follow next steps to install Windows XP’s HyperTerminal client on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
3. Please save this file "hyperterminal.rar" and extract these files "hypertrm.dll" and "hypertrm.exe" to your target folder.
4. Make sure you keep the files hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe in the same folder. Now you can launch the HyperTerminal client by double clicking the hypertrm.exe file. And there you have a fully working HyperTerminal client in Windows Vista or Windows 7.




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