AGP-1 Analog Guitar Effects Processor, World's First Programmable Analog Multi-Effects!

Value Pack: US$389 (Includes any 3 plug-in modules out of all available modules)

Standard Pack: US$520 (Includes any 6 plug-in modules out of all available modules)

Deluxe Pack: US$652 (Includes any 10 plug-in modules out of all available modules)





























AGP-1 Analog Guitar Effects Processor is a very innovative product and also a world’s first programmable analog multi-effects. By combining both advantages of digital multi-effects (compact and convenience of use) and analog effect pedal (natural and extremely good sound quality), this processor is launched with many amazing features such as superior sound quality, small size, light weight, compact and very user friendly. This processor contains three major parts:


Sound Management System (SMS)

  • Accepts sound parameters and system settings from four user Rotate-Press knobs (located below the LCD).
  • Save/Load sound parameters and system settings.
  • Command onboard and plug-in analog sound modules.
  • Organize different analog sound modules to form wide variety of guitar sound effects.
  • Accepts commands of sound Bank/Patch switching, Patch/Pedal mode switching and Tuner on/off switching from five metal foot switches.


Analog Sound Module

  • This is a guitar signal processing device operating with pure analog circuitry. It can be looked like as a tiny, highly integrated and compact guitar effect pedal.
  • It’s sound parameters and on/off state are commanded by SMS.
  • Ten sound module slots are available on main board. All plug-in analog sound modules can be easily changed their plug-in location by user to form many thousands of combination and sound effects.



  • Accepts external audio sources and mixes them together with your favor guitar effect sound to form a volume-controllable audio signal output.
  • Audio input can be either CD music, MP3, computer backing music like Guitar-Pro or any other sound source from electronic musical instruments.
  • This processor provides three kinds of stereo audio output interface (RCA, XLR, 1/4” phone jack) and one true-bypass mono output jack for guitar power amplifier.
  • Four control knobs are used to facilitate the controls of metronome volume, guitar effect output balance, external audio inputs volume and master audio output volume.


[Plug-In Analog Sound Modules]

[Owner's Manual] [Firmware Update]

[Sound Demo #1] [Sound Demo #2]

[Sound Demo #3]


Product Features

  • Total 20 groups of user settings storage, 4 Banks x 5 Patches.
  • Each patch has its own Pedal-Mode. High flexibility in taking control of each analog sound module's ON/OFF state.
  • 2.5” mono LCD display with blue backlight.
  • Five heavy duty metal foot switches with LED indicator.
  • Built-in guitar tuner.
  • Built-in metronome with dual-color LED beat blinking.
  • Built-in stereo headphone amplifier.
  • Ten sound module plug-in slots and one external effect Send/Return Loop.
  • Three onboard analog sound modules: 7-Bands Global Equalizer, Speaker Simulator, Stereo Mixer.
  • Many plug-in analog sound modules available for your choice: Compressor/NoiseGate, Overdrive, Metal-Distortion, Hot-Distortion, Fuzz, Chorus, Flanger, Delay/Echo/Reverb, Acoustic Simulator, Auto-Wah, Phaser, Octaver and Tremolo, and many more are coming in future.
  • All analog sound modules are turned ON/OFF by electro-mechanical true bypass switches.
  • A very cost effective way to create many more analog guitar sound effects by plugging more analog sound modules into sound module slots.
  • Two external stereo audio input interfaces: RCA, 1/4” phone jack.
  • Three stereo output interfaces: RCA, XLR, 1/4” phone jack.
  • One true bypass mono output jack for guitar amplifier.
  • Four Rotate-Press parameters control knobs.
  • Four mixer control knobs.
  • System firmware is upgradeable (using RS-232 on rear panel) by downloading latest firmware from official website.
  • Auto DC power polarity detection (center positive or center negative is not a concern).
  • Wide range of DC voltage input: DC 9V to 12V, 1000mA or above.
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 18cm x 5cm
  • Weight: 2.5kg


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